For the Entrepreneurs & Experts Who Struggle to Consistently Share Stories Online that Make Them Stand Out

August 9th – August 13th

We asked hundreds of entrepreneurs,

What’s the #1 thing that’s holding you back?

from sharing your knowledge, skills and talents
with the world in a bigger way?

The most popular answer, 

“I’m not consistent enough and I struggle with it.”

And right behind it was,

“I’m not confident in my messaging.”

This challenge fixes both of those problems.

As Seen In

What is the
Consistent & Confident

It’s the starting point for developing the mindset and skillset to become a well-paid, recognized leader in your industry online, to create meaningful impact with your knowledge, skills and experience!

The C & C Challenge is a 5 Day Adventure that will put you into action, developing the unshakeable courage to put yourself out there in a way that people remember. Most of all, your audience will clearly understand the value you provide.

Because of this, the C & C Challenge is NOT a static experience.

Instead, it’s an opportunity to flex your expertise by telling your audience the authentic, high-integrity stories that demonstrate why you’re the expert they need to work with. You’ll follow our structure to consistently craft & share powerful stories that clearly explain why your audience needs to pay for your knowledge.

There’s a simple truth to marketing:

People don’t buy content, they buy consistency.

That means to grow your business and serve your people, you need to consistently remind them why you’re the expert they need to work with.

If you know it’s your time to be seen, heard and paid consistently, this challenge will help you do it.

5 Days of Consistent Action
To 10x Your Confidence

Who doesn’t want to be more confident?

Who is the
Consistent & Confident
Challenge for?

If you:

  • Are a specialist in your industry, and want to create more income offering info-education, consulting and/or coaching packages digitally…
  • The owner of a brick and mortar or e-commerce store that wants to build a leveraged online info-business so you never have to worry about world events stopping your income again…
  • If you are an artist or creative, who sells products or wants to teach others how to follow your style of art…
  • Have written a book or are a professional speaker that wants to share your methods beyond the printed page or stage…
Then you are an expert.



Happening August 9th – August 13th

If you’re tired of feeling stuck, stressed or overwhelmed at the thought of learning how to share a marketing message that makes your audience clearly understand why they need to work with you…
Join the C & C Challenge to experience the confidence that comes with sharing your message with your audience and getting them to talk back.

We’ve had over 16,000 experts experience breakthroughs & transformation in our challenges. If they can do it, you can too.

We start on August 9th.

I can tell you with certainty that

you’ll never be 100% ready to share your story, market your offers and ask to get paid what you’re worth unless you master the ritual of CONSISTENCY. This one thing is at the center of how successful experts build a profitable online business. Most people are stuck overthinking and overanalyzing what could possibly go wrong instead of following a structure to make it happen. You will be blown away by how CONFIDENT you feel when people start responding to you showing up CONSISTENTly.

– Jennifer Kem
Hi, I’m Jennifer “Jen” Kem – the Marketing Expert Obsessed with Making Your Message Enroll Your Audience into Working With You.

The most common thing people – clients, friends, colleagues – tell me is, “Jen, you’re so confident.”

The truth is: I wasn’t always this way.

In fact, I still fall into insecurity, worry and procrastination at times, especially when faced with disappointment or obstacles in my life and career.

But the one thing that has made me show up confidently, even when I’m not feeling confident – is my CONSISTENCY.

This one discipline, ritual, commitment – pick the word that best aligns with you – has helped me make and help MILLIONS!

Once you understand the power of consistency, you’ll have everything you want, especially your heart’s desire to do meaningful work in the world, help others do the same, and do it in a leveraged way, using tools online (that are free) to get you there.

When you aren’t consistent, you are leaving impact, influence and income on the table. And even worse, you’re poking holes in your confidence which is the most important skill of every successful entrepreneur and world leader.


Join me, my team and thousands of entrepreneurs who are joining the C & C Challenge, right now.

We have your back.

What are you waiting for?

We start on August 9th.

Real Results from Our Past Challenge Players

Using challenges, we have helped more than 16,000 experts, artists, creatives, authors, speakers, course creators, coaches, consultants, trainers, teachers and service-based business owners grow their online businesses, distinguish themselves from the competition and create an online brand that magnetizes their audience.

Now it’s your turn.

Every day of
the C & C  Challenge
you’ll receive:

An email with a prompt to take consistent + confident action that day

with an accompanying journaling worksheet to guide you through the process of sharing it publicly with your audience. Once you get into action, your mind will be blown away by how many people want more of your expertise!

A live training in our exclusive pop-up Facebook Group

daily with me in which I’ll share a mindset reset called a “Power Pep Talk” that will transform your fear into courage and your confusion into clarity so you can confidently take action.

A posting thread in our private pop-up Facebook group

for you to be seen by other entrepreneurs who are participating in the challenge to be celebrated and celebrate others!

AND, because gifts are the love language of our campus, if you participate every single day*, you’ll be eligible for some juicy prizes.

(*All rules will be provided in the daily emails starting on August 9th.)

And the cost?

45-minutes of your time to build the muscle called consistency, sharing your story to grow your audience and attract new clients.

You in?

Daily Breakdown:

Every day, you’ll take part in a “Power Pep Talk” where I’ll teach you a key step in the structure I’ve personally used to transform my procrastination into powerful sharing, caring and daring action in my business.

And because this is a business challenge, every day you’ll demonstrate to your audience why you’re the expert that they need to work with. #ShowMeTheMoney

Insider secret: there’s a BONUS training we have planned after the C & C Challenge to show you how to use the structure you learn here as the foundation to confidently & consistently market your business to attract new clients every single day…

Is this your year to share, care and dare daily with your audience using stories that are 100% authentically you?


If the answer is, “yes ma’am,” let’s go!

Final Thoughts and Actions

When you join in and play during the C & C Challenge, you’ll feel a sense of pride, accomplishment and joy that your daily actions are creating momentum for your business. Consistently sharing your message is the core to building a profitable online business


Are you ready to be the authentic, inspiring, captivating, powerful expert/teacher/helper that you know you are and need more people to know as well?

Are you ready to clearly share what and how you help people with your expertise, skills and talents so they understand why they need to work with you?

Are you ready to build unshakeable confidence, no matter what obstacle comes your way or what may be happening in the world?


See you in the Consistent & Confident Challenge.
See you in the
Consistent & Confident
Let’s go,


Please, ONLY join the C & C Challenge if you’re committed to your business’s growth. The people who succeed in this challenge are the ones who are more committed to pushing through their fear of being seen then they are committed to excuses they let get in the way of their success. Consistently sharing powerful stories is a key component to building a profitable online business. You will be challenged to take action, dared to play bigger, and encouraged every step of the way. Just the challenge structure so you can play full out.

(The 5-day challenge to start building consistency & confidence in yourself and you marketing message)

You’re not basic, but you probably like to dip your toe into the proverbial waters first. Here’s what you get when you sign up:

  5 days of trainings on how to consistently & confidently share the stories that make your ideal client want to work with you

  5 gorgeous workbooks with prompts to create the space to brainstorm and write the stories you want to share with your audience

  Access to our online forum to be surrounded by other experts & entrepreneurs on the same journey as you

  Crystal clear clarity on how to continue following this strategy even after the challenge is over

All that, for $0

Highly recommended
(The behind-the-black-curtain and beyond-the-velvet-rope access you’ve always dreamed of, except the STAR of the event is YOU.)
You’re a boss, a queen, and you already know your ambition deserves a platform that gets you seen, heard and paid. Here’s what you get when you sign up:


  • Everything in THE BASIC PASS, plus:
  • Laser hot seats for BOSS PASS holders every day of the Consistent & Confidence challenge with premier access to the private Zoom room
  • A gorgeous, comprehensive workbook that collates all of the daily trainings in a single location so you can get a headstart on crafting all your stories
  • Your very own student account with the Master Brand Institute that contains all of the VIP replays in a single location for ease of access

All that, for only $97 $37
**Limited to the first 100 participants who sign up for a BOSS PASS

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